What is an Educational Evaluation?

An educational evaluation is geared toward children that are experiencing learning or behavioral problems in school. The purpose is to measure their strengths and weaknesses of ability to learn, reason and comprehend at the level of their age. School systems may offer educational evaluations when teachers report that your child is falling behind the class in academics. These tests are structured to evaluate the special needs of your child.


Independent Educational Evaluations

Neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists or other trained medical professionals are often used outside of the school system for more specific or in-depth testing of a child. This is called neuro-psychosocial testing and is available to for special children who may need it.


Reasons for Educational Hurdles

There are several reasons why your child may not be keeping up with their peers on an educational level. Slow development or delays in development can point to issues like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia or nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD). These problems may also be part of a psychosocial scenario such as depression or bipolar disorder.


Types of Testing

The educational evaluation is based on your child’s history and through the observance of their actions and personality. The trained personnel will watch how problems are approached and solved. Your child’s strengths and weaknesses in visual processing, attention, and concentration can offer insight as to where the problem lies either psychologically, academically, or physically.


Individual Attention

For children who may be struggling in school, an individual evaluation and unique intervention, may begin at school. Psychological and medical intervention begins at your pediatrician’s office, with further referral as indicated.

Your child’s education is utmost in their ability to approach life. Therefore, any obvious issues should be addressed early and thoroughly. See your pediatrician as soon as you may see a problem.

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