Allergy Testing and Home Immunotherapy

Allergy Services for the Entire Family!

Our spa now offers an on-site allergy clinic to better diagnose and treat allergies. We can test for the cause of that persistent running nose, cough, or that rash that you, your child, or a friend gets every spring.
We will discuss with you the types of symptoms you are experiencing and then perform allergy testing to verify the allergens causing the symptoms.  We utilize percutaneous skin tests as the gold standard for allergy testing.  Percutaneous testing involves making a small (painless) scratch on the skin and exposing a minute amount of an allergen directly to this scratch. We then wait approximately 15 minutes to see which allergens have created red bumps on the skin.  Those that create bumps are your allergens and the larger the bump, the greater the sensitivity to this allergen.
You may watch a video or listen to soothing music during the testing. The test is painless, and all you may feel is a little itching, relieved by a cool Aloe Gel.
Once we know the cause of your symptoms, we can work on treating the allergies and increasing your family or friends’ quality of life.

You or Your Children’s Allergies with Wellness @ The Spa

Allergies are increasingly common in the Dallas area, and tend to worsen with age. Symptoms can range from a stuffy/runny nose, skin rashes, stomach cramps, nausea and insomnia, as well as more intense issues like trouble breathing and asthma.  Whether you or you are suffering from seasonal allergies, food allergies, or any other form of allergies, we can help the whole family.
Allergies can be induced from many different triggers.  You or your child may suffer from one or more of the following types of allergies:

  • Food allergy – such as eggs, nuts, milk, etc.
  • Outdoor allergies – such as pollen, grass, bug bites or stings, etc.
  • Indoor allergies – dust, dust mites, feathers, pets, etc.
  • Other irritants – perfume, car exhaust, cold air etc.

Preparing for Your Allergy Appointment

When coming in for your allergy testing, please do the following before or during the testing period:

  • Hold antihistamines, montelukast, antidepressants or high-dose long-term steroids for three to five days before the day of testing.
  • Asthma medications, nebulizer therapy, or short bursts of oral steroids may be continued, as they will not affect the results.
  • Nasal sprays may be continued with no affect.
  • Do not wear any scented products to the spa on the day of testing.
  • Provide a list of medications you’re taking.

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