Nutritional Clinic with Willow Bend Pediatrics

Nutritional Clinic/ Dr Christine Moore

Pediatric Office at Willow Bend now offers an on-site nutritional clinic. Our objective is to provide comprehensive care to your child through a team approach that promotes health in children, teenagers and their families with our help as your Willow Bend pediatrics choice. Dr Christine Moore has provided excellent, holistic nutritional support to many families in the Dallas/Plano area for over 20 years. We are now working collaboratively to provide natural answers to your family’s nutrition.

Nutritional issues may be related to eating habits, lifestyle choices, exercise, genetics, disease and other factors.  Our office assists with weight management while also treating disease states related to weight, such as asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Managing a child’s weight is achieved through nutritional education and behavior modification, as well as drug or supplemental intervention when appropriate.

Our office provides:

  • Nutrition screenings
  • Assessments
  •  Intervention
  • Counseling
  • Supplements/Medication

What to expect for your child’s initial nutritional visit?

Your first appointment is for us to gather data about your child and your family. Please bring your child fasting (nothing to eat or drink except sips of water after midnight). During this visit, your family will learn about the program as we gather information concerning your child’s health. The doctor will screen for any medical comorbidities. Next, we will conduct a fitness examination focusing on strength, balance, speed and agility. Lastly, for children five and older, we may obtain fasting screening labs.

Your follow up visit

Between the time of your initial visit and your follow up visit, we will have reviewed all the information and tests performed on the initial visit.  From this analysis, we will have created a comprehensive nutritional plan for your child.  This plan will be aimed at reducing metabolic complications and improving body composition and fitness. This follow up visit will allow Dr Wiener and Dr Moore to review this plan with you and discuss necessary changes needed to improve the nutritional health of your child. Together with your feedback, your child will be ready to start on their plan and improve his/her nutritional health.

Additional Visits

You may want to schedule follow up visits for continuing support, but we recommend at least an annual follow up visit to review you family’s progress.  We will determine at that time, if any changes are necessary to your child’s nutritional protocol.

Our other pediatric services include:

We Also specialize in treating:

  • ADHD / ADD
  • Asthma / Allergies
  • Developmental Concerns
  • Special Needs Children
  • Well / Sick Infants, Children, and Adolescents