Flu season is here, get your flu shot now!

Why give a healthy child a flu shot? To keep them healthy, that’s why. Most adults take an annual flu shot but fail to have their kids vaccinated. Children are exposed to the flu virus in school and daycare every day. An inexpensive shot can prevent the misery and potential complications the flu can bring. Flu season is here, don’t delay getting yourself, and your children, a flu shot.


How Old Should Child Be?

Children should start getting a flu shot at 6 months old, and every year thereafter. Pediatric health care providers, like Pediatric Offices at Willow Bend in Plano TX., are the ideal places to take your children for flu shots as well as treatment for all other health care needs.


Special Needs Children

The flu is a highly contagious viral infection and everyone is at risk for catching it, however, children with asthma are at a particularly high risk for respiratory complications resulting from the flu.


Childhood Caregivers

Anyone who provides care to children should get a flu shot. School teachers, daycare workers, school bus drivers, and anyone else who is in frequent contact with children should get an annual flu shot; this includes medical providers. Protect the whole family by getting every member vaccinated against the flu.

This is not only for the child’s sake but also for the caregiver. Children are the biggest spreaders of the flu. Children are exposed to many people that often don’t practice good hand washing techniques and love to share everything they touch.


Flu Symptoms

Symptoms manifest differently in everyone, but there are common symptoms for both children and adults when it comes to the flu.

* The sudden onset of a fever that is greater than 100 F or 38 C

* Body aches and pains. May include a headache

* Chills, sore throat, dry cough and/or runny nose

* Chest congestion


Never Too Late

It is best to get your shot at the beginning of flu season, but if you end up putting it off until late in the season, it is still worth your while to receive the shot. The Pediatric Offices at Willow Bend in Plano TX are always ready to provide flu shots and all other pediatric care to your children.

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