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What Is A Vision Screening Exam?

Fewer abilities are more important to your children than their sight. Poorly developed or challenged eyesight could precipitate academic struggles, social issues and developmental problems. These maladies might also indicate certain health struggles. Therefore, it is imperative for you to have your children’s vision tested as early and frequently as possible to prevent such problems or correct any existing maladies. One medical test performed

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What Is a Well-Child Exam?

Well child exams track your child’s growth and development and check for early signs of illnesses. Many summer camps, sports teams, and schools require a well-child exam, also known as a physical examination, to ensure that your child is physically able to participate in athletic or camp activities. At our office, we recommend scheduling well child exams at least six weeks in advance of

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Seasonal allergies among children are nothing to sneeze at!

At the On-Site Allergy Clinic at the Pediatric Office at Willow Bend Pediatrics, we’re here to help offer children and their parents relief and peace-of-mind! As any North Texan can attest, spring and summer usher in an array of horrible allergies to our area due to the high level of pollen produced by trees, flowers, grasses, weeds and other plants. In fact, research by

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